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ADA Car Rental

ADA Car Rental - Guadeloupe

We rebuilt the website from scrach and optimized it using the latest technologies.Results speaks by itself : 50% average of sales made from organic traffic.

Serviceland - France & Portugual

Home services industry is a very competitive industry : our approch was to speak differently to consumer, we focused on UI, CRO and of course SEO.In many home services of many major french and portuguese cities, Serviceland remain unbeatable, driving everyday 100% qualified organic traffic.

Serviceland - Home Services
ADA Car Rental - Re Financing

Rachat de France - France

We are currently working hard to reach the niche off non-real estate re-financing. Our strategy is based on Adwords « surgical » campaigns plus A.I based retargeting campaigns.

Work in progress

Citroën - Guadeloupe

Each month we drive traffic to landing page using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.Even for a 240K people market, our client make around 4 to 5 car sells each month.

Citroen Cars